Feels good to be back at the seaside. My close family and I have been visiting the same spot for seven years now, and each year, the connection I feel to this place continues to grow stronger. Imagine a tiny village with close to zero tourists. Yes, that is still possible apparently, even amidst the peak of the touristic season in Croatia.

My mornings here are pretty standard. I am a person who thrives on routine. It makes me more productive and mindful at the same time. I've noticed my anxiety episodes disappear almost completely and stress can't get to me as much as it usually would. It's a blessing to feel this way, especially since I am not officially on vacation – I still work remotely, even at the seaside.

This is what I do every single morning to keep my head relaxed, and my mind sharp.

I get up at 6 AM. I am not a morning person, but somehow, sunrises here motivate me enough to wake up feeling happy and excited to see the sun show from behind the distant mountain range.

I drink a glass of water and another glass of warm lemonade with some MSM, turmeric and cayenne pepper in the mix. Add some apple cider vinegar for even more health benefits! I've recently started to incorporate MSM back into my routine. It is a great natural source of vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and helps reduce stress. Turmeric can only be effectively absorbed with some ground black pepper or cayenne pepper.

Then I go stand up paddling. I enjoy the sunrise while drifting gently on top of the water surface, observing the sea life (and sadly, the lack of it as well). When I get to a remote beach, I sit down to meditate for some time.

My breakfast usually consists of yummy chocolate granola with almond vanilla cinnamon mylk, seasonal fruits, chia seeds, and raw cocoa nibs. This breakfast never gets boring when there is such an abundance of fruits. I 

After breakfast, I usually read for an hour before I start working. Preferably at the beach, with a bottle of kombucha or water kefir in my hand. I've read a few books already while staying here: Normal People by Sally Rooney, Quiet by Susan Cain (love it!) and First, we make the beast beautiful by Sarah Wilson, which talks about anxiety.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Written by Masha