September has been quite productive in terms of reading, at least for me. I've reread some of my favourite books and finally found time to digest some hits that have been waiting for me to pick them up for far too long! This time, we'll be discussing creativity, soul searching, mindfulness and poetry.

The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz

I firmly believe there's a reason to why I've been postponing reading this book for years. I feel like I've picked it up at the perfect moment of my life, where I am actively trying to work on myself and reprogram my brain to be more grateful, more mindful, grounded, present and in general – a ebtter human being. Ruiz shares 4 agreements that you have to make with yourself in order to live the best life possible – full of happiness and zero limitations.

 The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

To be completely honest with you – when I first read this book, it triggered me. A lot. Most probably since I wasn't open to different perspectives than my own. But throughout reading, I managed to let go of my own boundaries and this very book was my first glimpse into the wonderful world of soul searching and spirituality. Reading it now, the second time, has been amazing. The book offers an amazing understanding of consciousness, which makes an anxious person like me effortlessly calm. I would strongly recommend this book if what you've read so far sounds appealing.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

I've had a copy of this book for a few years now and even though I don't find much time for poetry, I get my hands on this one at least every few months. It's not just the usual teenage poetry people might expect, it's much more than that. You can feel the presence of Kaur in her words, her past experience and hardships, as well as beautiful moments that keep her going. This book is full of gentle femininity and wise messeges.It takes your on a journey from bitterness to sweetness.

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Although this book is generally meant for creatives, I believe every person should read it. It deals with the resistance that we feel whenever we are on the verge of pursuing something more or doing something greater, be it a new project, new job, promotion, new lifestyle, new sport, writing a boo kor whatever else. The author guides you through the anatomy of the resistance and shares tools to overcome it.

Hopefully you find something to read from the list!

If you have any suggestions of book that changed your life and would like to share with the rest of our tribe, send us an email to [email protected] or tag us in your social posts using #AYATANAbookclub. We would love to add your ideas to the upcoming lists.

Written by Masha