Kombucha & Water Kefir

Let us introduce you to the new line of AYATANA products - kombucha and water kefir. Taste the bubbles and boost your health anytime, anywhere. For now only available in Slovenia.

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Enhance your life with innovative and nutritious plant-based recipes, prepared by our very own Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy Alumni Aleksandra. Be among the first to get an early bird access and sign up for the upcoming, one of a kind plant-based meal planner. Join us today and let us guide you to achieve the healthiest version of you.

Personalised meal planner

coming in spring 2019

You select, we prepare. Our meal planner is one of a kind and developed from scratch by our very own development team.

Simple, delicious,

fast and healthy

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, we are here to give you fresh and innovative ideas how to incorporate more vegetables and fruits in your preferred diet. 

Video tutorials for you

balanced food and lifestyle

From yoga, meditation to preparing amazing homemade remedies in your kitchen. Get access to e-books, articles, tutorials and myth busting section. 

Your time is

precious to us

Say no to spending countless hours searching for the next healthy recipe. Spend your time with family and friends, doing things you love to do. Let us take care of the rest. 

AYATANA Culinary

Check out what we have prepared for you.



Our favorite winter sandwich/wrap


All you need to know about kale

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Winter spices

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Probiotic tips and tricks


Two ways to make a perfect morning porridge


Fermented cabbage - ginger red cabbage sauerkraut

AYATANA Lifestyle

Check out what we have prepared for you.



How to reduce caffeine

Lifestyle, Culinary

The wonderful world of matcha

11 min read


Quick morning yoga wake-me-up flow

What you get


Simple, fast, nourishing &
delicious plant-based recipes

Our recipes are well-balanced in nutrients (essential vitamins and minerals), rich in taste, colorful and prepared in a smart and quick way. 


Rich video library to get in-depth look in how to prepare your next amazing plate or learn how to add more balance to your everyday life with our yoga and meditation videos.

E-book and
breaking myths

Themed e-books will be added to your access every month and we are preparing a special section for busting those plant-based myths. Coming soon.

Innovative and one of a kind
meal planner

Personalized meal planner will guide you through your day-to-day healthy eating with recipes, selected according to your wishes, allergies and dislikes, and a weekly shopping list. Coming this spring.

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Time is the only currency you can never get back and we deeply honor it. Subscribe now and support our innovative approach to help you find the healthiest and happiest version of you. Join us today and get the full access to all the content, including the upcoming innovative meal planner.

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Learn new
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Build your
life balance

Plan your week
with our meal planner

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About Us

AYATANA is your new-found friend and innovative tool that helps you find the healthiest version of you. Innovative plant-based recipes prepared by Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy Alumni Aleksandra are designed for everyone. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, we are here to guide you through what food to buy, how to combine balanced meals that nurture your body and heart and recommend you amazing tricks and tips for your new found balanced and happy life. All under one roof, just a click away. 

If I have a question, comment or idea what should I do?

We love to listen to our community, and we are always here for your questions, comments and we would love hearing your ideas. You can send us an email to [email protected], and we will make sure you hear from our team members asap.

How much does it cost?

Get personalized recipes, create your plant-based food journey around your food preferences, save time and money with a grocery list, be on top of nutritional values of your meals and wow your family and friends with occasional balanced, healthy and seasonal feasts, for 7,99 EUR per month or 79,90 EUR per year. You can catch an early bird offer until the end of March and get the complete access (valid also after the launch of AYATANA meal planner) for just 4,99 EUR per month or 49,90 EUR per year.

What is the difference in price if I choose monthly or one-time (yearly) fee?

If you choose one-time (yearly) fee, we automatically give you two months for free. So, you will only pay for 10 months. If your sign up before the end of March you will also get an early bird offer which means you will save up over 35% of the full price and your early bird price will stand for a lifetime and will include access for the upcoming AYATANA meal planner.

Will I be automatically charged after free trial ends?

When you sign up to start your 7 day free trial, you will be asked for your PayPal account information. However, we will send you an email before your trial end to inform you before the payment will be made. If you cancel your subscription before trial ends, we will not charge you. We want to be extra transparent with our community.

What do I get now?

If you decide to purchase access to AYATANA culinary and lifestyle content now, you will get a 7-day default free trial with a full access to all the content we currently hold and add new food and lifestyle ideas daily and you will get a chance to catch an early bird offer if you sign up before the end of March. You will hold the early bird price also after the meal planner is launched.

What is AYATANA?

AYATANA is your new-found friend and innovative tool that helps you find the healthiest version of you. We are dedicated to bringing valuable content to help you enhance your culinary and balanced lifestyle knowledge. From ideas to tips, and tricks, we will be discovering healthy ingredients, nutritious plant-based recipes, prepared especially for you by our Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy Alumni Aleksandra, to busting those myths in plant-based nutrition and balanced lifestyle, all the way to helping you find that long wanted fine-tuning in your everyday life.
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